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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Drink Supply Business

How to Venture in Drink Supply Business Generating Consistent income weekly

(A money Splash breakthrough for the business minded!)
By A. Hamid Adeniyi Otule
There are lots of people who admire success but are not ready to take the price for it. While some tap into the huge business opportunities staring us in the face, and virtually begging to be exploited, not many people can perceive it instead, they blame their parent who have little or no involvement in how successful they are in life.
It takes personal desire and commitment of individuals to make their success possible. This is what we normally observe in success stories of people all over the world.
Without forgetting our aims and objectives of writing which is to contribute positively to the development of society at large which is why  this article is centered on revealing the tested and proven ways to generate consistent income weekly form venturing in drinks supply business. Am sure by now you must have been wondering about this money spinning opportunity am talking about. Well in a society like Nigeria where people consume more coca-cola product, malts and other assorted drinks. The demand for soft drinks at occasions like birthday, wedding ceremony, naming ceremony…, festive periods and what have you are very enormous which means a great deal of opportunity awaits anyone investing in soft drinks supply business. After all my rambling then you should begin to ask now that how can I start the business and begin to make cash from it? Well its simple, starting the business could be at different angle which are either small scale supplies or large scale supplies. One can start at least with five crates of minerals. You are required to start collecting drinks from Coca-cola and Seven-up dealer either as a retailer or as a wholesaler. The result of being a wholesaler is that you have the advantage to sell to retailers and still make profit from them i.e. you must be willing to start with at least ten crates of minerals. Those who sell on retail are likely to buy it from wholesalers at a price at least N20 above from the cost of purchasing it from the depot i.e. dealers. The secret of this business now is that one can start party drinks supply business basically with people who have one or two occasions to do. All you are required to do is introduce chilled drinks supply business to those who are hosting parties. For those who will be worrying labour, well you can start with as few as four boys, and starting free for the first time isn’t a bad idea either. All you need to do is to tell the host to pay for renting of the drums, and buying of ice blocks, and to pay for services boys. Acquiring ice chests and ice coolers and a truck so as to ease transportation of materials to the venue is very important.
As some would say that party drinks supply business is a branch of event planning business/industry. The business is lucrative but you must be ready to work. Then having a complimentary card that you give to potential clients or customers would go a long way to marketing your business. For those who do not have the required capital to acquire materials. You can equally start with your client providing the necessary materials.
Following this simple, tested and less complicating procedures to generating consistent income from drinks supply business; I believe the returns are unimaginable. 
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I wish you best of luck.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Today's Crazy Market

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Today's Crazy Market

By A. Hamid Adeniyi Otule
Dear readers, if you must be aware of this, then know that the best investment opportunities for you will depend on your goals and objectives. Investment strategies that are a fit when you are first getting started won't necessarily make sense for you once you've gotten your investing career launched.

For those who have just started investing; Have you ever read or heard that my favorite strategies is that it doesn't take any cash or credit and there are one of the simplest ways to get started in investing is by learning how to structure sandwich lease option deals. The reason this is one of plenty of motivated sellers that you can work with. To put together a sandwich lease option, you are going to match up a motivated seller with a potential tenant buyer, and make a profit for doing this.
Furthermore, search for a motivated seller who is looking to get out from under their payments and who is open to your creative offer. You'll structure a long term lease of five to ten years where you agree to cover the existing mortgage by paying rent to the seller.
Obviously, for this to be one of your best methods of buying real estate, the amount you pay to the seller needs to be LESS than the amount you can rent the house out for.
Moreover, you’ll also get an option to purchase the house for either the amount the seller owes to the lender or for about 80     percent of current market value. Making sure your option price is low enough so that you can offer the property to your tenant buyer on a rent to own basis along with the right for your tenant buyer to purchase from you at a higher price.
Other investment strategies for beginners include owner carry financing or buying a home using the existing financing.

For the intermediate investors, once you've done a few lease option deals you'll be ready to move on to short sales and flipping properties. Moreover, Short sales involve negotiating with the lender to accept less than what is owed so that you can resell the property to someone who will live in the house. For making quick cash, this can be one of your best techniques because you keep the difference as your profit.

Flipping or wholesaling homes are two other appropriate techniques for intermediate investors. Most successful flips or wholesale deals involve finding homes in poor condition and then either immediately reselling them to another investor, or fixing them up to sell to a retail buyer.
For the sophisticated investors or what I call as the ‘Big Thinkers’  If you like investment opportunities where you can make millions instead of "just" hundred thousand naira, then you may want to consider investment opportunities in the commercial real estate arena. You can as well choose from apartment buildings, self storage, mobile home parks, office & retail and other commercial investment opportunities.
In conclusion so, now that you understand a bit more about creative real estate investing, you're going to have to decide which type of deals you want to be going after. No matter which of the various investment opportunities you decide is best for you, don't make the mistake of failing to take action on making your dreams come true.
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I wish you best of luck


(A guide on how to distribute and market recharge cards)
By A. Hamid Adeniyi Otule

The Aims and Objectives of this writing is to expose to you our esteemed readers one of the most possible, tested and confirmed way of making money for as high as you can ever imagine while venturing on how to print and sell recharge card….
Firstly, Mobile phone popularly known as GSM, the recharge printing business is profitable; according to a survey more than 40 million Nigerians recharge their phones daily. You can tap into this opportunity no matter your level of finance; all it takes is dedication, good financial planning and strategic thinking.
Let me ask this question, how do I go about it?
Before starting this business, you need to have the following:
A computer {Desktop or Laptop}, Printer {Black and white}, Internet connection {Optional}
Here is a procedure that will help guide you:
Visit a printer and explain that you need a designed paper A4 that will carry the operator logo i.e Zain, Glo, Mtn, etc. What you tell the printer is that you want one Impression {1000copies} of each operator with the logo and colour on it.
Mind you, a sheet of A4 paper can have at least 10 vouchers on it; this means that you will have 10,000 pieces of voucher per operator. The paper will be serving as the template where the pin of the voucher will be printed on.

Once you have done this, purchase pin codes from dealers and print on the pre designed paper. It should be noted that the smaller denomination i.e. N100 and N200 sells faster than the bigger denomination, so it only makes business sense to concentrate on these denomination.
At this junction, the most important setback for most people is:
How to market and distribute it?
The success of recharge voucher business is not in the ability to print. The major challenge is building the right structure and strategies to market, advertise and distribute.
There are many ways to give exposure to your business and ultimately increase your profit.
Use Credit/Free Approach: It’s been proven that the best way to get your product or services in the hands of customers is by giving it out for free.
The majour challenge with this approach as it relates to voucher printing and distribution is that it’s impossible but it can also be modify to suit this purpose.
The most inevitable approach is the credit approach. It can be applied in the market by giving out your product at the cost price and letting your customer hold on to your profit till the next supply. The effect of this is that an average individual will like to always buy on credit, sell, make money and pay back at a later date.
Be careful using this approach and do not give room for customer holding on to your money longer than agreed.
Using the Convenience Approach: The normal practice is for the call centre operators to visit the distributors and buy but as a new entrance to the market, you need to reverse this.
Visit the road side dealers and sell, this will ultimately eliminate competition.

Lastly, using the Mix Grill Approach is also preferable: As a dealer at the lower wrung of the ladder, the profit on a voucher is low because you are not selling to the end user. The mix grill approach is a situation in which use sell to both road side dealers and the end user. This will improve your profit. You can also set up call centers in strategic locations.
More ways can to penetrate the market can be worked on depending on your level of ingenuity and day to day experience on the business.
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I wish you best of luck.

Network Marketing - Finding the Right Network Marketing Opportunity

Network Marketing - Finding the Right Network Marketing Opportunity

By A. Hamid Adeniyi Otule
Network Marketing; or Multilevel Marketing as some describe it, regardless of what the majority’s mindset may be, is still one of the best ways to gain financial freedom. 2011 is a year that has witnessed financial struggle and even though I am an optimist, I am sure that things are going to get better soon. I believe that the right Network Marketing opportunity could be what you have just been looking for.
Without wasting much of your valuable time, I like to restate my commitment towards ensuring that we provide you the best of information so as to enable you find the right investment business opportunity.
Nevertheless, People are paying more for virtually everything and their income with their job is not moving nearly as fast in the right direction. This means that people desperately in need of the right solution and for many; Multilevel or Network Marketing could just be the financial breakthrough.
As we all know, the Network Marketing Industry is full of opportunities, the majority of which claim to be the best anyway. These opportunities if they are legitimate, all pose success chances. The reality is however that most of these opportunities boast a very high failure rate as well.

 It is not becoming a new thing that most people fail when they get into Network Marketing. Their failure was not because they cannot succeed, but rather, because most people are not willing to put forth the effort it takes to see success. After all people have jobs and their busy lives do not allow for the time it takes to promote a Network Marketing business.
This worries me because these people are passing up on what could be a residual income that could just solve their problems forever. I like you to think about something for a minute. If you were to get a job in a profession that boasted the kind of income potential that the majority of Network Marketing opportunities boast, you would have to go to school eight years, climb the corporate ladder and hope for the best. On the other hand, if you find the right network marketing opportunity, you would work hard for a couple of years and still end up making the kind of money you would have if you would have worked your entire life.
What do I mean by this? Network Marketing is a different style of business for different type of individuals. Yes, it does take effort, but the pay off is well worth it. Network Marketing Companies usually allow people to market their products for them and give them a piece of the profits because it is much easier and cost effective than putting together a hundred million dollar advertising campaign. Most pay plans are set up to give you a little bit of the profit off of everyone in your organization. Think about it, would you rather have 1% of the profit of a thousand people or 100% of your own efforts. The answer is obvious.

Another area I like to mention here is; finding the right Network Marketing opportunity is important and as the first step in your success strategy. I definitely believe you would want to find a Network Marketing opportunity that has a great product priced reasonably. Many network marketing opportunities will provide you with a product priced well above retail simply because there is an opportunity attached to it. This will serve as a recipe for your failure. Remember that you are marketing a product for a company and that is where you want the focus to remain. The opportunity is there for people who are interested in sharing the product that they bought with others.
Well how will they know if they want to share it? Even though they have not even tried it themselves? This is why you always want to lead with the product rather than the opportunity.
In addition, if you are the type that would want to find an opportunity that does not require high startup capital and is invariable not too expensive to maintain. Then remember that your Network Marketing opportunity is your business and if you are throwing more money out the door than you are making, you will not last very long.
You might as well decide to use website to promote your products and opportunity. The Internet is a great place to find other Network Marketers who will be interested in helping you build your business. This means that you can have a two-fold approach to marketing your product. Market your products to the people in your community and on the Internet.
Definitely, Network Marketing can make you rich and yes if you want to get rich in Network Marketing you are going to have to market the products.
Finally, I want to assure you that Network Marketing is still by far one of the easiest ways to gain the type of lifestyle that you want since your success or failure is dependant upon the effort that you are willing to put into it.
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I wish you best of luck.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Corruption: A Catalyst to Socio-Economic Instability

Corruption: A Catalyst to Socio-Economic Instability
(Why Corruption Menace Can Hinder Bad Governance)
There are many indicators with to access or measure corruption.  One of them is the affluent habit of the public official compared to his / her declared income. Corruption occurs when a public official expect to be induced to perform an act which that public official or ordinarily by law.
Corruption can slow down development. One of the most widely discussed consequences of corruption is the distortion of government expenditure. This often results in public money being wasted on white elephant projects, rather than people oriented services such as health and education. As a result of this, more opportunities are presented for corrupt use or diversion of funds. Raising the ethical standards of governance can lead to money benefits especially for the economic, political and social development of a country.
Fighting corruption and promoting good governance is therefore crucial to developing environments that facilitates the social, political and economic development of the people. However, while there are general comments made about the effect of corruption on poverty and development, there is not an explicit recognition that corruption is more than just wealth misappropriation or abuse of power. Corruption impoverishes countries and deprives their citizens of good governance. It destabilizes economic systems. When organized crime and other illegal activities flourish, basic public functions are eroded and the quality of lives of the people is reduced.

Bribery for example, is universally regarded as a crime but it also affects socio-economic problems that require broad based preventive measures and the involvement of the society at large.
Another implication of global measures against corruption is making government work better by improving the economy.
Finally, redesigning our political and regulatory structures will reduce corruption and anti-system players that encourage corrupt practices.
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I wish you best of luck.

Charcoal Business

(How to venture in Charcoal Business Generating Steady Income Weekly)
Dear readers, here is another amazing discovery on charcoal business that you might find interesting. I am sure if you read this article you should be thanking me for giving you long awaiting money spinning machine that unfolds opportunities for you to tap into.
Firstly, I know most of you would want to ask question like how can I make it big in charcoal business? Who really needs charcoal or is it profitable?  Once again after you must have read this, I can assure you that all the questions troubling your mind must have been answered.

Furthermore, in a country like Nigeria where most people venture in various kind of business both home based or either. The most important thing is that each and every plant or firm really needs resources to keep the business running. For a manufacturing firm, there is higher tendency to make use of electricity to keep the plant machineries working and sometimes, fuel could serve as an alternative. This is applicable to all the industries we have be it; food processing, insurance, banking and finance, communication and so on.
The pivotal point here is all these sectors need a measure of catalyst to get them functioning properly and effectively. Domestic cooking as a case study, we often makes use of gas, kerosene, electricity and coal. But the truth is that some households and food vendors prefer using charcoal to others, probably as a result of been cost effectively cheap, less hazardous and very fast in cooking. This is why I have come with this latest discovery on how to venture in charcoal business since it seems valuable to our household and business outfit. For anyone willing to invest in this niche, it is advisable that they those that specializes in that industry and subsequently making follow up.
Venturing in this business can operate at two dimension as regards domestication and public purposes i.e. business consumption. It is either you buy in bulk from the source or probably by making contact with a person who often visit the bush to help or aid in the supply of supply of charcoal in whatever quantity you are capable of buying. Though buying it from a merchant could be costly than getting directly from the source i.e. dealers of charcoal in the bush. Moreover, it is possible to make profit of N200-N300 per bag for example, I buy at a sum of N1250 per bag from a merchant, I could as well sell it for N1500 per bag, and which invariably you can sell fifty bags per week, which can give you a profit of N14000-N15000. 
For the success of this business, you need to recognize your target market and know how to reach them so as to enjoy their patronage. One can use the food vendors in you locality as your target because it easier for them to use charcoal daily to prepare their food due to the fact it is easier and cheap.
Subsequently, for a starter, it is advisable to introduce yourself personally to them and letting them know what you deal in and promising them of constant or regular supply.
This could be enhanced either by exchanging phone numbers, address, and so on. Following this step by step procedure you are on the verge of making it big. From that small business you might have built with your capital base. You can now go to the forest to buy the product directly from the producer. This enables you to make at least to make N500-N600 per bag.

Charcoal business seems lucrative even though many people prefer a white collar job, but nevertheless is a very good business, the demand is very huge.
Buying directly from the producer in the bush gives you a wider profit margin, but mind you, your suppliers will not sell to you unless you buy a minimum of one truck load which contains 130 bags. You can buy charcoal in bulk at Inako, Ogun-State and at Iseyin, Oyo-State. Then in the nearest future you can begin the export of charcoal to neighbouring countries and so on.
I strongly believe and hope that if you follow these simple and tested procedures, you are on your way of becoming financially free.
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I wish you best of luck.

Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Build Your Wealth From Scratch

(Easy Procedures to Help You Build a Lasting Wealth)
By Abdul Hamid Adeniyi Otule
According to history, it remains a fact that the human societies had transformed or experience a revolution from a classless society to a society that is characterized by the heavy presence of class or categories of people based on their status just as we have the Upper class, Middle class, and the Lower class. Many fail to realize the fact that we are now in the era of information age meaning that information seems very important for us to thrive and achieve greater heights in this present world.
Without deviating from my set of principles, aims and objectives of writing; I like to once again appeal to our esteemed readers on my commitments towards contributing positively to the development and advancement in our quest for a peaceful and healthy environment. We are committed towards contributing socially, educationally, morally, spiritually, politically, and exploding the myth we need to earn a high income so as to be financially free.
Everyone can have money and be rich and financially secured or as well as chosen to be financially free in whatever decision we make. We are where we are as a result of the decision we make which is why I suggest we make the right decision today so that we don’t live to regret tomorrow.
The main objectives of this article is to you expose to you our esteemed readers tested and proven procedures or steps to completing a wealth creation from having nothing to becoming wealthy.
Furthermore, I discovered that from the seminars that are being held or run or held. Most people are looking for how to get rich quickly forgetting that wealth creation demands transformation from one place to another. For example if someone organizes a seminar and the theme is ‘How I Made Two Million Naira in 24 hours with Zero Capital’. I can assure you that the door of the venue will breakdown because people want to make money quickly without following procedures or protocols.
Moreover, if I organize a seminar and the theme is ‘How to Make Lasting Wealth from the Internet’, the number of attendance will not be as much as it were for the previous one. The poor are destined to make the rich richer unless they take time to change their mindset about money and wealth.
Always remember in everything we do that your mindset determines your future. Do not belong to the class of people who believe there is a shortcut to wealth. Getting money by all means and by everything attitude is an anti-wealth building attitude. Wealth only comes to people who follow a procedure or process.
In addition, wealth transformations or procedure is a procedure or stages for which wealth appears to be in your hand just as the title sounds; these are the stages which money runs through your life.
I am equally committed to exposing you to stages of wealth in your life. While some people have wealth cycle others have poverty cycle.
Before we begin let ask by saying what is wealth cycle? Instead of getting confused wealth is not money but includes money. One can be rich without being wealthy but you can not be wealthy without being rich.
Literarily, to be rich means to have money but to be wealthy means to have money plus some essentials like God, rest of mind, good health, tangible valuable things like assets etc. anybody can make money from fraud but the truth remains that they rarely have peace. One important fact we must acknowledge is that wealth is built and not made. You can make money but can not make wealth. Anytime wealth is built, it’s either you build a business or career. If you build a career, you do not build a business. However, the experience from the career can be useful if you now want to build a business. Being wealthy in life simply means you must have followed processes of building wealth in life. Five basic procedures or processes have being laid down for you to follow diligently. With the view to explain better I will try to give brief explanation of the stages passed through to becoming wealthy.
First procedure
This stage demands that we find the rhythm within us on what we feel we can do for a living not forgetting that you do not have any money at all. Everyone in this life passes through stage one and no one is given birth to with a bag of gold coins in his or her mouth which means we must all pass through this stage whether school graduate or not but we are not expected to die at this stage.
Second procedure
The stage require that we start small, many do not want to start small especially most school graduate even for a career one is expected to start small which means you are not mandated to get a job worth N150,000 per month as a a starter. Anyone driven by the desire to be wealthy need to start small, but it becomes a crime staying small. You are advised to start small until it starts generating enough cash flow. Remember the saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’. Many cyber crime perpetuators try to skip this stage. Some take to 419, others deception or robbery. The truth is anybody trying to jump this stage is jumping into problems.
Third procedure
This stage entails you struggling to create wealth while you struggle to invest your life, money, time, skills and everything in your business or career. Remember that wealth creation is simply the ability to produce a product or services that is sold to the market above the total cost of production. The moment people are willing to pay at a price that is in excess of your total cost then wealth is being created and vice-versa. The fundamental way to succeed at this stage is finding the need of the people or market and filling it. Then you start fixing your product or services to take position of leadership in the market. Another area of importance is consumer intimacy. Developing a good relationship with your customers is one that is highly good for the business which includes technological advancement, enhanced in delivery of products or services to customers. Try lots of strategies before finally choosing a better one that is cost effective, efficient delivery, and better customer services so as to compete along with your competitors.
Making your price attractive and cost effective is good in the long run. At this stage you keep working on method and systems which require you re-investing your initial profit until you establish the best method that works for you. Then you will discover you have started having more than enough.
Fourth procedure
This stage is simply when we have enough; it is the stage when income is being put aside for the future while you are also building your reputation. Your Goodwill in the market determines how marketable your product is or will be. The friendliness of your staff and the ease of doing business with you is a key part to proving your credibility and people will see you as trustworthy and dependable.
You should be able to answer questions like what does your product achieve for your customers? What does your product help your customer to avoid? What does your product help customer to preserve? How does your product help your customer to get better results in his or her life?
Fifth procedure
This is everybody’s desire and getting to this point is not the big deal but staying there and not reversing or drop back to the initial stage.
I want to tell you that it is easy to be a millionaire but hard to stay and remain a millionaire. For me what I do and advice people is to read more financial materials or books, invest more on realistic things, build relationships, develop a good and strong frugal spending attitudes.
In conclusion, following this procedures I have laid down for you, I believe that increases your chances of not just becoming rich but being financially free.
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I wish you best of Luck.